100-Watt Power Adapters

100-Watt Power Adapters
Mar 2023

The 'Ceba RAPI' is a new portable power bank from EnnoPro currently in its crowdfunding phase via a campaign on Indiegogo. The RAPI is positioned as an emergency power bank for situations where a phone, laptop, or other device urgently needs power, such as during a long car ride of before a long flight.
The RAPI is a 4,000 mAh power bank, which is quite large when compared to mobile phones, and is still moderate in size when compared to laptops. EnnoPro claims that the RAPI can charge itself from 0% to 80% in just eight minutes, while it can charge to 100% from empty in under 12 minutes. This is because the power bank uses 100w fast-charging for itself.
In terms of its power delivery, though, the RAPI offers 30W and 25W out via USB-C and USB-A, respectively, which is enough to super fast-charge a mobile phone or even charge a laptop.
Image Credit: EnnoPro