Modular Flatpack Furniture Designs

Modular Flatpack Furniture Designs
Art & Design
May 2023

The 'OPO=O' multifunctional furniture piece has been designed by Hyunjun Yu as a shapeshifting solution for the home that's capable of working in a range of ways to suit inhabitant needs. The furniture design consists of a flatpack construction with a series of panels that combine with tension straps to offer the perfect place to get work done or store clothing. The piece takes a decidedly industrial approach to furniture design, while also accommodating for the changing lifestyle needs of today's consumer.
The 'OPO=O' multifunctional furniture piece maintains a minimalist construction that's designed in subtle to eye-catching color options, which can also be enhanced with differently colored tension straps. This would enable changes to the aesthetic to be switched up down the road rather than needing to be completely replaced.